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We understand that protecting your customers’ data is critical. We create and execute custom penetration testing to help you understand security vulnerabilities in your Web or mobile app. All of our researchers are OSCP certified and have years of industry experience and expertise.


Phishing attacks and social engineering are becoming more sophisticated and more frequent making it more likely that your company will eventually fall victim. The best defense is learning from simulated attacks. We can create a customised and safe phishing attack on your company targeting employees and executives. No damage will be done but your staff will learn from the experience, reducing the chance of a real attack succeeding.


Our researchers pen test IoT devices to ensure that your service is safer. We have experience working with a wide range of IoT devices including reverse engineering embedded systems. Whether you are building your own sensors or integrating IoT from a third party we can help.

All of our pen testing services are conducted by industry experts in ethical hacking and include written reports including any vulnerabilities found, strengths identified, and future recommendations.

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If you’re interested in penetration testing or a security audit please feel free to contact us below. We’re also constantly looking for the best engineering talent. If you have experience with automotive cybersecurity we’d like to hear from you.