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PixAlert offers its GDPR audit software free of charge

Following its recent takeover by Irish tech investor The Lucey Fund, PixAlert is offering its GDPR auditing tool for free.

The software, called Critical Data Auditor, is designed to help organisations determine the location, access, value and protection status of unsecured data entities – and offers multiple remediation options. As CEO Ian Lucey says, “If it’s digital, we can find it.”

As the deadline for GDPR approaches, firms seeking to locate and secure the kind of critical, potentially sensitive data covered by the Regulation are invited to use PixAlert’s software to perform their audits. The company is offering a free one off, one-month license, which Lucey says is “More than enough time to scan even largest of corporate networks.”

How it works

Critical Data Auditor searches the entire corporate network for critical data, such as banking, credit card, passport or other sensitive personal information that, if mishandled, could cause an organisation to breach GDPR requirements. Once the audit is complete, reports on critical and inappropriate data-at-rest are available in a central, single pane of glass format.

This version of the software allows users to identify potential data breaches, locate personal data, delete data where a purge might be required and monitor the network for any new potential breaches.

What you got?

According to PixAlert, in addition to supporting Freedom of Information requests, e-discovery orders and HR processes, the solution can also facilitate the ‘right to be forgotten’ by ensuring that relevant data can be located and deleted appropriately. The solution is agentless and requires no additional hardware or software.

“We have companies on every continent using our technology and I believe it would be a great start to help analyse issues within the corporate network – or those of clients,” says Lucey.

Following the audit, businesses will have the option to upgrade to a Management and Monitoring version of the software – or they can simply act on what they’ve uncovered and carry on.

What’s the story?

PixAlert is one of Ireland’s oldest cybersecurity companies. Founded in 1999 by university lecturers Donal O’Shea and Dara Fitzgerald, it began life as software designed to detect and block illicit images, such as pornography. New CEO Ian Lucey is the founder of Irish tech investor The Lucey Fund, which operates in Dublin, London and Los Angeles. Having previously invested $1m in PixAlert, the fund plans to follow-up with a further $1m after the buy out.

“With this acquisition, we are making GDPR compliance accessible to all businesses,” says Lucey, adding that by offering the auditing software free of charge, businesses can “identify, locate and delete personal data before the fines kick in from May 2018.”

You can download the software here. Help with installation and setup is also possible via WebEx. More information on the product is available here.